Medicinal massage

Our expert team of physiotherapists will help you reap all the benefits of massage – from relaxing your muscles, improving blood circulation and relieving tension.
Is there a better feeling than when someone massages your shoulders or spine at the end of the day?
Research shows that feelings of relief and pleasure during a massage have a number of health benefits, which of course also relate to immunity.

By raising immunity, we become more resistant to diseases.
If you've ever thought that massage is just for relaxation - it's time to change your mind - massage is more than relaxation - it's a path to health.

Our expert team of physiotherapists will help you experience all the benefits of massage, which relaxes your muscles, improves blood circulation in the body and reduces body tension.
Medical massage is primarily intended to increase circulation, reduce pain in muscles and joints, and eliminate stress and tension.
Individual approach to each of our patients and guests.

We approach in a unique way, taking into account his physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual condition.

Massage 15 minutes:
9.20 EUR (69.32 HRK)
Massage 30 minutes:
17.20 EUR (129.59 HRK)

Don't wait, make an appointment as soon as possible.
Your body will thank you.

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