8 Reasons to Enjoy the Benefits of Thermal Water: Explore the Healing Power of Thermal Water Therapy

Thermal water is natural water that originates from a high-temperature sources, usually from geothermal areas. It is enriched with minerals and elements that give it therapeutic properties.

Bathing or using thermal water can provide relaxation, relieve pain and improve the body's circulation.
Immerse yourself in the benefits of Bizovac thermal water and feel the healing power of nature!!


Our thermal water is considered useful because of the various benefits it provides to the body. Some of them are:

1. Muscle relaxation

Warm thermal water can relax tense muscles and reduce pain. The high temperature of the water stimulates circulation and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, which can ease pain caused by tension or inflammation

2. Stress reduction

Enjoying our thermal water has a relaxing effect on both body and mind. Warm water can help reduce stress levels, improve mood and promote feeling of relaxation.

3. Improved circulation

When you immerse yourself in our thermal water, the warm water stimulates peripheral circulation. This means that the blood vessels dilate, which improves blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

4. Relief of joint and muscle pain

Warm thermal water can provide relief from joint pain, arthritis and inflammatory conditions. Heat helps reduce inflammation and promotes muscle relaxation, which can relieve joint pain.

5. Detoxification

Bathing in thermal water can stimulate sweating and help the body get rid of toxins and waste products. Warm water also helps open skin pores, which can facilitate the elimination of toxins.

6. Improvement of the skin

Minerals present in thermal water, such as sulfur and selenium, can have a beneficial effect on the skin. They can help soothe irritations, relieve skin dryness and stimulate skin cell renewal.

7. Improved breathing

The vapour from Bizovačka thermal water can help with respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis. Inhaling vapour can open the airways, make breathing easier and improve nasal patency.

8. Faster postoperative recovery

Integrating thermal water into post-operative recovery can provide additional benefits, including faster recovery, reduced swelling and pain, and improved range of motion. The heat and minerals present in the thermal water stimulate circulation, relax muscles and accelerate the healing process, providing patients with a comfortable and therapeutic environment for recovery.

It is important to note that individual results may differ, and the benefits of thermal water depend on many factors such as temperature, mineral composition and individual needs of the body. If you have health problems or are in doubt, it is always best to consult our doctors before using thermal water for therapeutic purposes.

A salty, colorless liquid changed the future of an almost unknown village in the Slavonian plain.
It became the source of the long-lost Pannonian Sea, to which people from the surrounding villages and towns came seeking healing.
This exceptional water has almost three times higher salt content than the sea, and it also contains iron, iodine and other minerals

Thermo-mineral water in Bizovac Thermal Spa is:

• balneologically hyperthermal
• mineral
• fluorine
• iodine
• sodium bicarbonate
• chloride water

Mineralization is 3880 mg/l.

Balneology analysis and opinion

All previous analyzes by the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb have confirmed that this thermomineral water is unique in the world and the warmest iodine hyperthermal salt flat water in Europe..

Salty iodine waters have been used for treatment as warm and hot baths since ancient times.

The beneficial composition, heat and rich mineralization of this water are particularly useful for the treatment of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system.

The temperature of the water is 84°C, and it is applied chilled and has a calming effect on pain and muscle spasms.


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